Online beginner casino gambling guide is one of the best games and forms of entertainment available in the Internet. People are now playing their favourite casino games online instead of going to a land-based casino. The top online casino games include online poker, online blackjack, baccarat, roulette, slot machines, craps, video poker, keno and bingo. If you are a first-time online casino gamer, you do not have to worry where or how to start as there are casino gambling guides that will give you essential and basic information about online casino gambling to make sure that your online gambling experience be remarkable.

There are even casino gambling guide sites and pages where you can find the ultimate guide to the best online casinos, like Jackpotcity and the games. First-time gamers can now find it easy to play online casino games with all the available and accessible information regarding online casino gambling available in the Internet.


Every individual on Planet Earth is completely unique and when it comes to leisure activities and fun, people are very diverse. There are those who love watching movies, others visiting friend, and gambling online. This group is addicted to games and betting. Whichever side you fall into, it is your nature and you have to accept it. Lucky and blessed are those who are in the categories of games and gambling. They have fun and prizes that comes just by a matter of luck. There are unlimited casino games that game 德州撲克 lovers cannot exhaust. You get maximum entertainment and joy. To add on this, you can invest in casino games and make cool cash and other fabulous prizes.


Every individual on Planet Earth is completely unique and when it comes to leisure activities and fun, people are very diverse. There are those who love watching movies, others visiting friend, and gambling online. This group is addicted to games and betting. Whichever side you fall into, it is your nature and you have to accept it. Lucky and blessed are those who are in the categories of games and gambling. They have fun and prizes that comes just by a matter of luck. There are unlimited casino games that game lovers cannot exhaust. You get maximum entertainment and joy. To add on this, you can invest in casino games and make cool cash and other fabulous prizes.

The current technology allows players to enjoy gambling just inside their table rooms provided you choose one of the best casino sites like Club Gold Casino you will have the best you desire from betting. There are many games that are thrilling and exciting. For those who love online roulette, it is presented in different version for you to choose your favorite. It has thirty six digits which interchange between red and black colors. They either have single or double zeros depending on the version you selected. Playing is simple, choose a coin from the screen and select the position you feel like betting on and set the coin there. The dealer takes you to the next step by spinning the wheel to release a white ball to revolve in that wheel waiting to fall on the already set wheel’s slot. Apart from roulette, blackjack is also offered in different versions .The players are also given a chance to enjoy baccarat game poker game where the probability of winning occurs in three styles: player, tie and the banker. Baccarat game is advantageous since there is no need to cram the rules for they are automatically drawn in the cards.
In the dizzying environment of a live casino it is hard to gain an overview of all the options that are available to you and this is another advantage of casino games online with Platinum Play Australia.



For casino player who don’t like to play at classic casino online casino club will be the good option. Without making any kind of journey from one casino to another or one place to another which will so hectic job for any person. And for avoiding this job now players are already started for taking advantages of online gambling where without moving from one place to another & waste of lots of money & unnecessary time they can get full enjoyment. So it can see that online gambling club became high profitable business industry at web market. Most remarkable matter is player can get so many game options with different types or levels at one particular site, where they can select their favorite one what they generally never get at one casino. In this case it will be impossible for saying that player will get bore at online casino club. Even any person who hasn’t basic idea about casino games, then it will be not big matter for online clubs, there he/she can get proper guidance for playing the game with free of cost. But it’s true that as classic club different online club has different patterns for players what they must have to follow.


Another big advantage of this site is safety zone for players which can’t easy matter at classic casino where illegal activities & other evil eyes must present for creating any kind of trouble for players. Another factor is unnecessary waste of money on drinks & food which is so expensive at classic casino hall even player will win or lose the game is not matter their. So for avoiding these kinds of situation online gambling club is the best option for players. With this option player can get complete relaxation wherever he/she want, there will be not any restrictions present. Still any problem will arise player can contact with online staffs & they can solve all those problems regarding the site & any given game options.

But only selecting any good site is not enough for getting better service & complete enjoyment; for it your selected site must have good & quality game software. Then you can feel complete comfortable at that site for playing your game. At online gambling club site you can get so many other game options like Poker, Slots, Bingo & so on with different levels of games. Here given resources, partner options can give you complete assurance of services of this site. With additional given all archives of this site can define this site so easily near all visitors & players. Here given all the services & game options are so remarkable & projected with high quality security software for which cyber crime will impossible at this site & it means your account is at safe zone.



If you love to play casino games online then you will also search for the better gambling options. Online gambling is better only because of the changes in the technology of the casino games. So when you will play these casino games then you will surely need better online casino gaming environment. This environment of gaming can come in sight only if there is some better software is used to play casino games. For better online casino brands then your own Casino Listings you should search for other options. By going through these options you will know more about the different casino brands out there choi bai.

To find the best online casino games in the UK, visit any of the major casino sites and choose the games you love to play. You’ll find hundreds of slots games, including slots with progressive jackpots, card games like video poker and Blackjack, and assorted other casino classics.


Yes you can get easily bored with one online casino brand. So this online casino brand will have to come up with new changes in its games. If you are bored with the existing games of slots and poker at some online casino brands then you should play at better online brand. One of better brand online is Unibet Casino. This is surely one of the better online spot to play different types of casino games. If you are not sure to play there then you should read out its reviews. There is better software environment to play casino games.



Welcome to our online gambling club! We are one of the best and fastest emerging casino gaming site offering superior poker and roulette online free casino gaming experience to the global players. Our casino gaming site is second to none and displays complete friendly environment for the global players! You can play various types of downloadable casino games from our site. We organize and handle different types of casino tournaments, challenges, events for our online players so that they can play and have fun at our casino. We at our casino have a great assortment of casino games to fulfill different gambling needs of Free Blackjack Game Online.

We have a great reputation as well as position in the casino industry as we ensure that our world wide casino players are widely accessible as they are compatible with all available casino games. We also make sure to protect your self and your privacy is also assured at our website and your great winnings are always delivered at the right time. At our online casino you will find great customer service available 24/7, attracting promotions and casino offers, and discounts. You will receive Free Welcome bonus for the great casino games. We provide you the opportunity to download our casino Online Poker games from our site. You can also enjoy online and live gaming experience from the comfort of your own home only. You may have heard of no deposit casino to, on the web casinos with deposits and several other people.


All the financial transactions at our online site use highly qualitative security technology. We also use high class encryption methods to communicate with our servers. We also render our quality experience, innovative games, support as well as great variety of casino games. We also publish the financial results and audit reports to our players. We publish the payout rates, bonus offers, and discounts of all our games on our focused website.

You will experience safe online gaming environment. As casino Online Gambling is the fastest developing domain on the Internet so as our online casino website. We are advanced and equipped with the latest technological advancements so as to keep you one step ahead. We at our online casino maintain strict adherence to the gaming standards, guidelines as well as rules encircling customer data security. We also guarantee that every game is treated equally and the chances would be completely random.

Blackjack site ensure that only players over 18 can play for real money games. We have experienced and expert casino staff to handle all your casino gambling sites problems. Our aim is to develop a unique entertainment station that will magnetize to the hearts of our world wide players by enabling technical excellence, and superior customer service. We believe that as a business we are anchored by the core values like integrity and transparency.




At online casino world there are so many aspects are present what you must have to know before sign up at any casino site otherwise you will not enjoy completely for which you are entered in the online casino market. Among those entire aspects online casino bonus offer is one of the important matter which are discussed at this article.
The No Deposit Bonus: At most of casino sites you can find out this type of bonus offers where players can get chance to play without deposit any amount for sign up at that site and with additional players can get free cash from site. Of course here players will feel great to play games but must remember that without reading carefully terms and conditions of the site, never sign up there, it will be risky issue for players. With providing this type of bonus offers so many cheater casino sites are also present at online market where they can steal bank amounts if you give card number without research of that site. But at most of trusty casino site you will get advice to deposit small amount before getting any cash out of winning offer from no deposit bonus. At game restrictions and staking situation this bonus offer accepts by casino site.
Cashable Matching Deposit Bonus: So many casino sites are offered to players where deposit amount of players will match with given percentage at site. This type of bonus offers is quite self descriptive for almost 200% bonus. Player needs this offer to bet by deposit & bonus certain number of times and generally at specific game options this offer require to use.

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The Sticky Bonus: At this offer cash out will not possible and sounds very bad offer for players but matter is completely different; here players will get high range of profit. Here as player’s want, they can use money from bonus account to bet. Even players will get to hit big jackpot or get chance to win the big amount at this offer.
Wagering Requirements: At most of casino sites this wagering requirement became high where you can be required to deposit 20 times deposit for betting or more amounts before cashing out the winning amount.
Game Restrictions: Only at specific game options wagering requirements are necessary to bonus offer like Slot where wagering requirements are necessary but Blackjack or Roulette type game don’t require this wagering requirements.
At this article you will get information about different types of bonus offers but for getting more information about online casino, then visit online-gamblingclubs site.

You Can Quit Today With Online Gambling Addiction Help!

Gambling Addiction Help

Online Gambling Addiction Help – You Can Quit Today With Online Gambling Addiction Help!

Gambling addiction is among individuals types of addiction that’s so desperately to understand since it doesn’t participate in drug abuse for example smoking or drugs. But similar to the two types of addiction, gambling is an extremely rampant activity. And far towards the delight of those bettors, it’s quickly becoming out of control online. The set-up is much like what casino, aside from the particular interaction of those involved.

Everything is simply a click away. However, similar to the real factor, gambling online is very addictive along with a troubling experience for anybody who does not possess the self-control needed to go in the field of gambling.
As soon as you receive hooked on gambling, the body responds towards the whole process in different ways.

Normally, your body releases chemical-like hormones that cause you to feel good once you begin winning. When you get this exhilarating experience, you will need the need to win many obtain the “high” from the gamble. Normal reasoning is tossed the window and there’s no remorse for that money and time spent when betting. This really is generally what it really seems like anywhere, whether you’re in a casino or perhaps in your pc gambling your time and effort away.

You will find a lot of people who’ve become gambling online addicts, from underage teens to seniors alike. Once addicted, these folks don’t know when you should stop until they’re lower for their last cent or they’re already heavily indebted. Your brain from the gambler always looks and hopes the next huge win is simply a couple of more tables or clicks away.

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Similar to any kind of dependency, being addicted on betting migh result to immense financial and relationship troubles. A couple of programs happen to be designed to help these folks in need of assistance. GA, or Bettors Anonymous is among individuals that focus on the requirements of gambling addicts. Others include online help programs, hypnotherapy, or psychological programs made by your own mental health specialist.

Many addicts are turning the internet help because it is the quickest method of getting the various tools required to quit gambling today. Online assistance to quit gambling could be used immediately.

For many, the addiction began out as something to while away time and merely attempting to have enough time during break. But when a feeling of control is gradually losing as well as your world begins turning around online betting sites, you might have more severe problem than you believe.

Evidently this is simply the initial step along the way to kick your gambling habit permanently. If you are searching to prevent gambling now and haven’t been effective previously then click the link to assert your free 10 step intend to quit gambling today.

The internet gambling sites and casinos are exactly what gamers were searching for. Like other things these websites are filled with amazing potential and very exciting, however the moderation and having fun with sports guy spirit may be the real essence of those sites. They are amazing places to savor their most favorite games. Listed here are couple of things you should know about internet casino and gambling sites.

The general balance from the professional can cons of these websites is perfect for playing them as game and quite positive. The internet gambling casinos are frequently connected with a few charitable organisation and philanthropic activity, taking part during these is ultimately helping for many good causes too.
The key factor to notice concerning the charitable organisation along with other occasions is they ought to be viewed as oncoming of some good work and really should be accompanied also. While you will find many people who should remain anonymous through the sites have to show the actual work and also the difference they’ve produced as a consequence of these charitable organisation occasions.

The web casinos are controlled business too as from 2003 there’s code of conduct being put on them. Caused by these different legislation and regulating physiques the amount of honest and well reputed casinos is very high as rival others. The key casinos frequently focus on the majority of the games and also have number of bonuses together also in addition to strict use of these legislations too, as result playing at these websites will make sure the fair play and honest gaming experience.

The internet casinos are supervised through the different reviews sites too. You will find variables which are the indications for nice rating. Using these reviews you’ll find the very best site based on the various variables very easily too. Such things as free games, slots, no deposit, and free money can frequently be located during these reviews effortlessly also.

Casinos Online Gambling Top Choice Online Casino

Casinos Online Gambling Top Choice Online Casino

Since its launch in September 1999, 7 Sultans Online Casino has grown impressively and now has one of the biggest Choice Online Casino databases of registered players. Powered by Microgaming, games at 7Sultans Casino offer state of the art graphics and sound that put you right at that craps or blackjack table, slot machine or video poker. Downloading the software is quick and simple, and registering is just as easy.

At 7Sultans Casino, you are given $15 free money with no deposit and a 100% purchase match bonus up to $85, when you register as a real player! Enjoy 85 gambling games that include 12 table games, 44 slots, 11Progressive slots and 4 Feature online slots. Now Play progressive Blackjack, Cyberstud poker, roulette, and Deuces Wild.

The Feature games are an incredibly unique feature and offer you the chance to play your typical online slots games with a difference – when you find certain icons on the slot, you are immediately pushed to a different screen where you are GUARANTEED of winning!

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With over a year’s proven experience, the team at 7Sultans offer 24/7 support. This team have been acknowledged as the best on the internet. These support agents are available via email and toll-free telephone numbers. Their swift response times and their keen attitude towards helping players with issues, questions and queries make them a support team apart .

Added to this is the user-friendly ecash system employed by the casino. This makes your purchasing and cash-ins quick and easy. Your details are always regarded with the highest levels of privacy and security, ensuring your peace of mind regarding purchasing and playing over the internet.

You’re not only getting world class service and ecash facilities, you also get the freshest, most exciting range of online casino games on the internet, the peace of mind of security and privacy, as well loyalty bonuses, promotional giveaways and not least of all – $15 free money!!

All of this makes 7Sultans Online Casino the wisest and luckiest choice for your Online Casinos play. View 7 Sultan Large list of games offered. Visit Site and receive your free no deposit sign up bonus

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Casinos Online Gambling

Casinos Online Gambling

Casinos Online Gambling sites on the internet offering casinos for gambling. With the exciting game play of online casinos, gambling couldn’t seem any closer to being in live casinos. The payout odds of online gambling is higher than Las Vegas odds. Finding the best the best casinos online to gamble at can be a bit tricky. You may ask yourself which are honest? Which have the best odds, fair play, superior graphics, realistic gaming, excellent customer support, and fast payouts? Here at Casinos Online Gambling you will find the answers to these common questions. We list only the best casinos online. Visit our online casinos link for casino reviews or our free cash link for the best sign up bonuses. Our Banking Info links will show you which casinos accept a variety of payment methods for funding your casino account. All online casinos gambling sites are secure for your safety.

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Most popular online gambling games your will find at casinos online are online poker, online slots, roulette, craps, keno, video poker, progressive gambling games, blackjack, plus at some online gambling casinos will also find red dog, cyber stud poker, caribbean poker, war, and paigow.

Casinos Online Gambling Top Choice Online Casino

Since its launch in September 1999, 7Sultans Online Casino has grown impressively and now has one of the biggest Online Casino databases of registered players. Powered by Microgaming, games at 7Sultans Casino offer state of the art graphics and sound that put you right at that craps or blackjack table, slot machine or video poker. Downloading the software is quick and simple, and registering is just as easy.

At 7Sultans Casino, you are given $15 free money with no deposit and a 100% purchase match bonus up to $85, when you register as a real player! Enjoy 85 gambling games that include 12 table games, 44 slots, 11Progressive slots and 4 Feature online slots. Now Play progressive Blackjack, Cyberstud poker, roulette, and Deuces Wild.


Online Gambling Top Gambling Promotions

Gambling Casino

Welcome to Online Gambling Free for the top casinos giving free gambling cash bonuses. Choose casinos giving away cash with no deposit required. Many online gambling casinos offering match bonuses, deposit bonuses with first gambling purchases, vip bonuses, gambling comps and special promotional gambling offers once you become a member of there gambling casino. You can play online gambling games for fun or for real. Play no download and download gambling games. Take advantage of all the fantastic special gambling promotional offers by the leading casino online gambling sites.

Phoenician – Featured Gambling Casino

One of the most established gambling sites on the internet. Phoenician has a excellent online reputation for customer support, fair & honest gambling payouts. With the secure Micro Gaming gambling software which offers more than 120 gambling games for players to choose from. If you are a new gamblers online, you can find easy to understand slot games or for the more advanced serious online gambler, play online blackjack and poker games. You will enjoy the superior gambling graphics, sounds plus a selection of gambling optional downloadable games that Phoenician Online has to offer. Instant online flash gambling or download software available.

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Gambling Bonus: Sign up now and receive triple bonus with your first gambling deposit.

Banking: Choose methods of gambling depositing by using gambling funding online methods such as Neteller, Firepay, InstaDebit, Citadel, Click2Pay, Money Broker, Bank Wires, Money Transfer, Credit Cards.

Gambling Games: Slots, 11 Online Progressive Slots, Bonus Gambling Slots, Online Poker Gambling, Blackjack Gambling, Roulette, Craps, Keno, Video Poker Gambling, Jacks or Better Online, Joker Poker, Deuces Wild, Sic Bo, Online Red Dog, plus many more gambling online games.

Online Gambling Free

Online Gambling Free

Welcome to Online Gambling Free for the top online casinos offer free casino cash sign up bonuses. Choose online gambling casinos offering free cash with no deposit. Many online casinos offering match bonuses, deposit bonuses with first purchases, vip bonuses, comps and special promotional offers once you become a member of there online casino. You can play online gambling free games for fun or for real. Play no download and download gambling games. Take advantage of all the free special promotional offers by the leading online casino gambling sites on the internet.

Gaming Club Online Casino
One of the most established online gambling casinos on the internet. Gaming Club has a excellent reputation for customer support and fair and honest payouts. With the secure Microgaming software Gaming Club offers more than 85 casino games for players to choose from. If you are a new gambler, you can find easy to understand online slot games or for the more advanced serious gambler, play online blackjack and online poker games. You will enjoy the superior graphics, sounds and optional gambling games that Gaming Club has to offer.

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Free Bonus: Sign up now and receive 100% sign up bonus with your first deposit.
Banking: Choose methods of depositing by using Paypal, Neteller, Firepay, Prepaidatm, Bank Wires, Western Union, and Credit Cards.
Games: Slots, 11 Progressive Slots, Bonus Slots, Online Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, Keno, Video Poker, Jacks or Better, Joker Poker, Deuces Wild, Sic Bo, Red Dog, plus many more games.

Where To Play Roulette

Play Roulette

in case you’ve been taking part in roulette on-line for a whilst and have been questioning if there possibly some higher or more exciting locations to play the sport online, then i suppose you will have come to the right location. There are a entire slew of on-line casinos that offer video roulette, and depending on what you’re after you should find something that suits your tastes.

so far as the exact gameplay is worried, you will not in finding any variations apart from the fact that some host American roulette and a few host European, though if that you can I normally suggest you stick to European roulette when you consider that you get much better odds than with the American variation.

If you haven’t yet checked it out, I at all times advise you search out casino-On-internet simply due to the fact that I feel it has one of the easiest gameplays out there and probably the most prettiest and most useful interfaces and is as a rule simple adequate for use via close to anybody. It is also by using a ways the biggest on line casino online at present so you can never ever ought to fear about them running dodgy software or ripping you off, they get audited and checked greater than anybody does.

additionally with on line casino-On-web, they’ve obtained a women playing discipline all decked out in horrible amounts of red if you’re so inclined to immerse yourself in a lavish cyan world. There is nothing specific concerning the basic gameplay, aside from the fats it is all purple and white. Go figure.

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If you’re an American however, you is not going to be in a position to login to both of those casinos as they ban American players as a result of the gaming laws to your country.

a different best on line casino that runs good, appears good and clearly accepts americans is Rushmore on line casino. This one has been a favourite of mine for really a while and i’ve made a lot (and lost somewhat) of money whilst gambling there, though I perpetually seem to return.

but when it’s complete successful vigour and fairness you are after, go for BetFair as it is the only on line casino i know of in existence that does not have a residence part on their roulette tables. That is as good an excuse to gamble at a casino that I’ve ever heard in my existence.

On top of that, that you can examine out some fairly hardcore roulette beating applications by way of clicking here!

David Morris is a professional gambler who has spent years in real-world and on-line casinos. Click on the link for some information on guaranteed ROULETTE BEATING applications as well as you can determine out David’s private gambling blog right here.

You Can Win Big With the Top Football Betting Tips

You Can Win Big With the Top Football Betting Tips

This is the fall season, a time of falling leaves, crisp cool weather and football video games. It is usually the first-rate time to find out about prime football handicapping. Should you love tuition and pro games and you’re keen on the joys of successful, then you will want to study one of the crucial high betting guidelines which are on hand to you on-line.

Handicapping to your possess can work if you happen to comply with the teams and have a number of success to your aspect. There are mainly 1000s of occasions that your sure winners got here up quick though. Many of the having a bet strains and factor spreads are useless on and also you have to recognize a handicapping process that you should utilize with success. You can normally let one of the most professional soccer handicappers aid you out by means of providing you with some of the inside information on the sizzling groups to observe this week.

Nothing is extra unique than observing the latest weekend video games on the tremendous reveal with your pals, some beers and chips. The leaves on the lawn can stay up for the top of soccer season before they’re raked and burned. Right now it is time to burn up the betting line with the fine picks of the season.

it is less complicated to work with the factor spread when you have been keeping up with your favourite groups and you recognize which avid gamers are inside and outside for the upcoming games. A few of this understanding is on hand to every person via the wearing channels on cable and the web. There are continuously some late changes though, and one of the quality handicappers have entry to this information as soon as it happens.

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This little bit of expertise can trade the entire spread through 7-14 features, relying on the strength of the player or players concerned. For this reason some of the reliable physical games handicappers can present you one of the crucial exceptional free having a bet picks. In addition they have having a bet techniques that they have got worked out and confirmed. Combine a rather powerful handicapping approach with years of capabilities about video games and gamers and you have got a recipe for an unbeatable method.

football video games can also be quite difficult calls notably as it will get later within the season. The better teams are displaying simply how robust they’re and the spreads are most often proper on goal. You want some aid that may assist you in maneuvering by means of this mine discipline unscathed. Getting aid from handicappers with within knowledge of working a point unfold is sure to make those wins happen for you extra normally. One of the crucial top handicappers may even present free picks on one of the headline games of the week to exhibit you the force of their advantage and their handicapping system. They are going to tell you about one of the locks that they’ve and you’ve got the opportunity to check out them out for yourself.

in case you are able to quit being on the losing side you could check out one of the free picks for yourself. There are always persons who doubt that these systems can supply the wins. Are attempting the free picks out on simply a couple of games and spot how so much you win. While you see what quantity of money these guidelines are bringing to your pocket you will be satisfied.

7 Sultans Casino

7 Sultans Casino

One of the most trusted online casinos on the internet. Micro Gaming Software. No download and Download casino games.

Get free $15 with no deposit required. Make a deposit and receive a 100% Deposit Bonus up to $100 from 7 Sultans Casino! So if you purchase $50, you’ll get a $50 bonus; if you purchase $100, you’ll get a $100 bonus.

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Featuring state of the art graphics. Play high betting limits on poker. Progressive poker is also offered at 7 Sultans Casino. Plus power poker with 3 hand betting at one time. Over 85 casinos games to play. 11 Progressive slots games, progressive roulette, poker, blackjack, progressive slots plus the new major millions progressive game. You can also play featured games winning wizards online slots, genie gem online slots, plus online poker, online blackjack, three handed poker games, caribbean poker, blackjack, craps, online slots, online keno games, roulette, Sic Bo, plus more casino games. The best internet gambling casino on the web.. Choose payment options for making deposits to 7 Sultans Casino with Gaming Card, firepay, PrepaidATM, NETeller,ACH, and major credit cards deposi

this is the fall season, a time of falling leaves, crisp cool weather and football video games. It is usually the first-rate time to find out about prime football handicapping. Should you love tuition and pro games and you’re keen on the joys of successful, then you will want to study one of the crucial high betting guidelines which are on hand to you on-line.

Mr Green Casino Review

Generic Dealer

Generic Dealer

Mr Green casino is truly one of the best casinos on the market at the moment, raving reviews from its players and an amazing theme, along with the games from some of the best casino game suppliers it is truly a casino to tryout if you haven’t done already.
Bonuses 3.5/5.0
New players at Mr Green Casino gets a welcome bonus of hundred percent up to €100, in addition to hundred free spins on the sensational fiesta slot game Spinata Grande when you deposit at least €20.
Bonuses at Mr Green has to be majored at least 35 times before it can be withdrawn. This means that if you deposit hundred euros and get hundred euros in bonus you will have to wager €3500 before you can claim your bonus money. The maximum bet for wagering is eight euros. Also remember that the wagering requirement can only be met by playing slots. If you try to withdraw your money before you have wagered the whole amount, your bonus and winnings will be canceled. Another important thing when playing with casino bonuses, is that you almost always play with your own money first.
Games 4.0/5.0

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At Mr Green you will find more than 200 games. You’ll of course find classic casino games like blackjack, roulette and craps along with several video and classic slots like Jackpot 6000, Starburst and Gonzo’s Quest. If you are one of those chasing the millionaire dream you can also play at Mr. Green’s progressive jackpots like Arabian Nights and Mega Fortune
Mr Green offers casino games primarily from Net Entertainment, but also deliver games from NYX Gaming, IGT Bally Technologies and Evolution Gaming. When playing at this online casino you do not have to download any software to your computer, but you can play in your browser on games from the best in browser casino software company.
Credibility 5.0/5.0
Mr Green Casino took the market with storm when it was launched in August 2008 in Sweden and in September in Norway the same year. Later it has established itself in Finland, Germany, Austria and Great Britain. The casino has raving reviews from its users and it’s one of the most trusted online casinos on the market today. If you have a credibility as your number one priority when choosing an online casino, Mr Green should definitely be on your list.

Poker Rules And Tricks

Poker Rules And Tricks

Learn poker rules quickly
Red Dog Poker
Red dog, also known as red dog poker or yablon, is a game of chance played with cards. It is a variation of acey-deucey or in-between. While found in some land casinos, its popularity has declined, although it is featured at many casinos online. Confusingly, there are other card-based games of chance by the same name that are unrelated to the rules described here.
The deck used to play red dog is the standard, fifty-two-card variety. The game may be played with anywhere from one to eight decks, with an increasing number of decks decreasing the house edge — the house’s advantage begins at 3.155% with one deck, but falls to 2.751% when eight decks are used. This is in contrast with some other casino card games, such as blackjack, where a higher number of decks used will increase the house edge.
The game only uses three cards at a time, which are ranked as in poker, with aces high. Suit is irrelevant. A wager is placed, and two cards are placed face up on the table, with three possible outcomes:

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If the cards are consecutive in number for example, a four and a five, or a jack and a queen, the hand is a push and the player’s wager is returned.
If the two cards are of equal value, a third card is dealt. If the third card is of the same value, then the payout for the player is 11:1, otherwise the hand is a push.
If neither of the above is the case for example, a three and an eight, then a spread is announced which determines the payoff a 4-card spread, in this example, and a third card will be dealt. Before dealing the third card, the player has the option to double his bet. If the third card’s value falls between the first two, the player will receive a payoff according to the spread; otherwise the bet is lost.
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Ribbon cut at PokerStars Macau

Ribbon cut at PokerStars Macau

By Brad “Otis” Willis

Today, in a first of its kind event, PokerStars cut the ribbon on the brand new and first live poker room in Macau.

Players from all over China walked into the Grand Waldo Casino today to see the opening of PokerStars Macau. Surrounded by hordes of local press, APPT President Jeffrey Hass, Grand Waldo Casino General Manager Gary Woolard, Team PokerStars Pro Lee Nelson, and Hong Kong actor Kevin Cheng cut the ribbon and opened the doors of the live poker room.

This weekend will see the first ever tournaments played in the new room. The Macau Poker Cup China Earthquake Relief Charity Tournament kicked off the big weekend. PokerStars donated more than 150,000 HKD to help the Red Cross Society of China aid the stricken regions of mainland China. Among the prizes for the inaugural event:
• Three $25,000 HKD entries to APPT Macau Main Event (Sep 1-6, 2008)
• Four $10,000 HKD entries to tomorrow’s Macau Poker Cup Red Dragon Tournament
• Five $4,000 HKD entries to Sunday’s Macau Poker Cup Blue Dragon Event
• Fifteen seats to tomorrow’s Macau Poker Cup $1,000 HKD Deep Stack EventEntries for the 54 players who chose to buy-in amounted to $117,000 HKD that PokerStars then matched, making it a 234,000 HKD donation (not including the 150,000 HKD in donated prizes for the event). Another 4,000 HKD was donated by three players who placed in the money after they chose to turn the tournament seats for which they qualified into cash donations to the Red Cross.

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Celebrities from all over China and the poker world came for the first big day at PokerStars Macau.

The winners of the kickoff charity tournament are all familiar faces on the APPT. The top three places went to Fabio Kim, Bob Hwang, and Jeppe Drivsholm (who has the distinction of being the first person to ever be knocked out of an APPT event after suffering his elimination at the APPT Manila event last year). The opening weekend at PokerStars Macau continues with some big tournaments and cash games over the course of the next couple of days. Come back here for more updates on the historic events in Macau.

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Hong Kong Poker Heats Up

Hong Kong Poker Heats Up

In just a few short years, the poker landscape of Hong Kong has changed dramatically. I remember trying to put together a simple home game with Mike Zee and not being able to get more than 3 people committed…and that included Mike and me!! So, we basically more or less resorted to posting a personal ad on an expat site. Even then it took months for a response but luckily a game finally came together. From there, we started having games at the always accommodating, yet unquestionably seedy, King’s Hotel in Wan Chai. The games went from about once a month to weekly, to nearly every night of the week. As far as we knew, that was the only publicly offered poker game in Hong Kong at the time.

That was a few years ago. After that, the Geo poker group started holding some low stakes games around town at different mah jong clubs. Then tournaments started to be held at different night clubs in the popular bar district of Hong Kong, Lan Kwai Fong (LKF). I recall hold’em tourneys at Volar, Edge, and Drop just to name of a few. More recently, tournaments started being held at the clubs M1NT and CLIQ.

Last year, a bar called Deuce near the top of LKF was opened. At Deuce, players could finally sit at a real poker table and play against each other for some medium stakes – 10/20HKD. Then earlier this year, the first dedicated poker lounge, Arena, was opened in Causeway Bay on Hennessey Road. At Arena, for just a minimum drink charge, patrons can test their cash game or tournament skills depending on the night of the week. There’s typically a 10/20 and 25/50 NL hold’em game running most nights- (a quick google search will give you their opening hours and tournament schedule). Taking it a step further, Arena offers a dealer for their higher stakes games. Most recently, they introduced a 50/100 game and the table was RSVP’d quickly demonstrating the rising stakes in the local scene. Another current option several nights a week is run at “Best Club” in Causeway Bay. It’s not a poker club, but rather a huge mah jong parlor/restaurant with what seems like around 50 or so small rooms that can be rented out by the hour. One popular group that regularly plays there, “The Hong Kong High Stakes Poker Group”, usually has NLH games of 10/20 and 30/60 running in the evenings.

The most recent option in Hong Kong is a nice venue located off of Hollywood Road in Central. Brought to you by the guys that hold the M1NT tournaments, The Hong Kong Poker House is definitely the largest poker room in Hong Kong although the low ceilings and many poker tables might have you feeling a tad cramped. There’s a full service bar, and a slightly elevated featured table where you might find yourself sitting with Johnny Chan in a high stakes game when he’s in town. A few weeks ago, Johnny and some others sat down at a $50K no limit buy-in game followed by some Chinese 13 card poker at a $1000 a point. Apparently this week, Johnny is looking for takers in a $100K buy-in with 200/400 blinds. Are you game?


The options for Hong Kong poker players don’t just end there. Just a short ferry ride away in Macau, players now have the choice of a poker area in the Grand Lisboa and the newly opened PokerStars poker room at the Grand Waldo. The poker area in the Lisboa is nice because it’s situated right on the casino floor next to all the Baccarat and Big Small tables. Why is this good? Well, it’s not uncommon to see some high rollers who just dropped (or won) $500K at the Baccarat table sit down and ‘try’ this new poker game just to take a break. Do you think they care about dropping a couple of $10K buy-ins?

The spacious poker room in the Grand Waldo is particularly impressive. It’s away from the casino floor on the second level so you won’t get as many Baccarat floaters roaming in there but its definitely a legit poker room. Just like in Vegas, there’s a big flat screen listing all the games running and the waiting list. The tables can accommodate 160 players and PokerStars will be offering a weekly free roll every Thursday night at 8:10pm. There’s a snack bar in the poker room and an LCD screen with hands from various tournaments in the past being shown constantly- and when I was there, it was cool to see Henrik on the screen for a bit. Also, unlike the Lisboa, the dealers actually know what they are doing and the rake is about half of what’s taken at the Lisboa.

So there you have it, a brief history of Hong Kong Poker through my eyes. From putting together the first game with the Godfather of HK poker – Mike Zee, to multiple poker clubs being opened, to poker being legalized in Macau, poker is definitely heating up around here. And these are only the games that I’m aware of. If you’d like to add any venues or games, please feel free to let us know!



World Champion Macau Announce WSOP Qualifiers

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – An ace in the flop sealed the win for David Saab and the Korean-born Australian walked away as the first champion of the 2008 Asian Poker Tour and took home the US$280,000 first prize.

From a total of 316 players that participated in the APT Manila event from 27 May to 1 June, Saab emerged as the last man standing at the table after defeating Korean Chris Roh who, on the other hand, won US$150,000 for placing second.

With the flop of the event’s final hand at Ace-Seven-Four, Roh bet 90,000 in chips which Saab re-raised to 300,000. Roh moved All-In which the Australian called. Both players showed their cards: Saab had an Ace-Eight and Roh with a King-Four. With the flop, Saab had the advantage with pocket Aces while Roh had to rely on the luck of the cards to double-up in chips. However, the turn and river came out a 9 and a 10, respectively, and Saab knocked out Roh for the win.

Finishing third at the final table was Japan’s Satoru Ishii who brought home US$100,000 while at fourth place was another Korean, Kwang Soo Lee who won for himself US$73,000. At fifth spot was Italian player, Michele Ferrari, who brought home US$55,000.

The third South Korean at the Final Table, Jin Man Yun , finished at sixth place with US$45,000 while two local hopefuls, Don Carmona and Terry Gonzaga , finished the APT Manila event at seventh and eight spots, respectively. Carmona won US$35,000 while Gonzaga exited with US$25,000.

The first man eliminated from the final table, Swedish poker player Gerasimos Deres was defeated by eventual second-placer Roh in the very first hand of the event when his pocket Aces did not hold to the Korean’s pocket Fives. After moving All-In against Roh, the flop turned out to be a dud for Deres as a five turned up, putting the advantage to Roh. The turn card came out a seven followed by another seven at the river and the Swede exited. Deres took home US$20,000 for ninth place.

The final table of the APT, with winners guaranteed a US$1,000,000 prize pool, was once again officiated by Matt Savage who has done an outstanding job for the past six days as the APT’s tournament director.

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Saab came into the final table as chip leader with 782,000 followed by Roh with 455,000. The Italian Ferrari was third with 444,000; Jin Man Yun was fourth with 426,000; and Ishii at fifth place with 396,000. With 255,000 in chips, Kwang Soo Lee entered the finals at sixth while Deres was at seventh with 177,000. Filipino players Gonzaga and Carmona were at eight and ninth spots with 164,000 and 64,000 in chips, respectively.

A good 200-strong crowd was on hand at the Dusit Thani Manila, the official venue of the six-day poker event, to witness the final table which saw a boisterous Korean contingent present to cheer on their three players. However, not to be outdone, a loud Australian camp was also present to support Saab while Ishii received the cheers of his countrymen especially when he moved in several times to become chip leader during the tournament. Filipinos cheered their two entrants as well until both were eliminated.

APT CEO Chris Parker opened the final table event with a speech thanking partners of the APT and the organizers and staff for a successful poker event. He also acknowledged the assistance of Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR), who sanctioned the event and supplied the dealers.

Organizers of the APT Manila event have also expressed their happiness on the large turnout of players for the inaugural APT event this year and hope to come back to Manila next year for the 2009 Asian Poker Tour.

After the successful Philippine leg, the APT moves to Macau from 26 to 31 August 2008 where the buy-in has been set at US$5,000+300 . The guaranteed prize pool has also been upped to US$1,500,000 thereby making indeed the Asian Poker Tour the biggest poker event in Asia . Around 500 players are expected to participate in the Macau event which will be held at the StarWorld Hotel and Casino .

From Macau, the Asian Poker Tour will make two more stops this year — Seoul in South Korea is next and the APT will culminate the year in Singapore where it held its very first APT event in 2006.

World Champion Macau Announce WSOP Qualifiers

World Champion Macau Announce WSOP Qualifiers

The World Series of Poker* Main Event is the biggest and most prestigious poker tournament in the world. Winning the Championship bracelet brings you instant fame, a multi-million dollar pay day and the title of being the World Champion. The 12-day Main Event starts at the Rio Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas July 3, with the final table taking place November 9-10.

PokerStars Macau has announced that they are providing players with the chance to win a seat with PokerStars Macau 2008 WSOP during its Special Weekend promotion from June 19-22, including live satellite tournaments.

You can also make your way to the Main Event for free by entering the Pokerstars freerolls online from June 17-18 at 8:00PM. Top 3 winners will be awarded their seats to the Mega Satellite for the WSOP Main Event Qualifier on Saturday June 21 at PokerStars Macau.


PokerStars Macau opened at the Grand Waldo Casino in Cotai May 23, providing cash games and tournaments for players from Macau, Hong Kong, China and the rest of the world.

The PokerStars Macau poker room has a wide range of tournaments available, including multi-table tournaments, single-table tournaments and APPT Macau satellites.

The World Series of Poker (WSOP)* Main Event is the biggest poker tournament in the world and you can win a prize package, via online tournaments at PokerStars. The Main Event Passport is the best way to qualify online, with tournaments available in a range of buy-ins that suit players of all levels and bankrolls.
The Main Event Passport prize package is worth thousands of dollars, giving you everything you need to enjoy the trip of a lifetime in Las Vegas**, including:
$10,000 WSOP* Main Event buy-in
$3,000 for travel and expenses
PLEASE NOTE: It is your responsibility to register directly with the organizers of the event, and to book all your own travel and accommodation.